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Goals of Gaden for the West:

  • Adapt Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhism for western societyPromote the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, the Gelugpa tradition,
    in the west, in a way that is relevant to the recipients of the teachingsTranslate and publish Dharma books, adapting them for the western mind, changing the gender specific words and meaningEncourage lay people to practice DharmaPromote Dharma in action, socially engaged Buddhism
  • Build a Gompa near Nelson, British Columbia, for all students to do retreat,
    study, and work together

To implement these goals we are:

  • Gathering funds from centers and individual donations, with which we will: Create the Gompa in the Nelson area; create a publication company, revise the texts and sadhanas we use to reflect gender equalityAdapting texts and teachings to the western mind
  • Promoting "Dharma in action" for the enlightenment of all beings