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Gaden for the West is an international organization of Venerable 
Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, his students, and meditation centers, 
created for the express purpose of bringing, interpreting and integrating 
Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhism to the western world. Venerable Acharya 
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche created this vehicle to make Gelugpa Tibetan 
Buddhism accessible to as many people as possible. People in the west 
are different from Tibetans in their culture, customs and psychology. 
Western minds need the teachings of Buddha presented from a different
point of view.

The teachings are the same; the interpretation is different. For instance, 
the six realms can be seen as a state of your mind, not a physical reality. 
In Tibet, 99% of the teachings were for monks and nuns. In the west, 
they are 99% for lay people. Gender references need to be for both 
women and men. We are revising and changing the way of teaching for the 
western mind, not creating a new lineage.

The Buddha said we should revise and adapt to the times, the land and 
the people we are dealing with, so the teachings will grow and benefit those 
who receive them. Then the teachings will not degenerate and die. The 
essence of the Buddha's teaching is compassion, wisdom and understanding 
of the human mind -- for the enlightenment of all beings.