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Chod Retreats
(with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche)
(July 21- Aug 5, 2017)

Gaden for the West and Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat are pleased to announce
two upcoming Chod retreats (occuring simultaneously in the two gompas at GTCR). Both will be counting retreats and both groups will do the fire puja together, as the mantras are the same. The retreats will be led by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche at Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat located in the beautiful mountainous forests of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

5 Dakini Chod Retreat with commentary
(Prerequisite: 5 Dakini Chod Initiation)

Troma Nagmo of Chod Retreat with Shiwa Lamzab Commentary
(Prerequisite: 5 Dakini Chod Retreat with fire puja)

A Short Description of Chod
5 Dakini & Troma Nagmo with Shiwa Lamzab

The Tibetan word Chod means cutting ego and self grasping and self cherishing and developing true compassion for all living beings. The origin of Chod practice is the perfection of the Wisdom Prajanaparamita Sutra. Chod practice involves practicing deity yoga of the Five Dakinis and the Great Mother Prajanaparamita. Chod is a method of developing the essence of conventional bodhicitta and ultimate bodhicitta and giving away the object of our attachments and self-grasping. Chod teachings were propagated by the Tibetan yogini Machig Labdron who was an incarnation of Tara. Chod practice is an effective method of attaining realizations of the three principal paths (renunciation, bodhicitta, and shunyata).

According to the Gelug Tradition there are three sacred lineages of Chod that are merged together. Ringgud, the long lineage, introduced by Mahasidha Phadampa Sangye from India, the Ganden Ear Whispered Chod lineage, and the Dakini Ear Whispered lineage of Chod. The Gaden Ear Whispered lineage was taught by Manjushri, Lama Umapa and Je Tsongkapa. The Dakini Ear Whispered Black Troma Nagmo lineage is a unique one descended from the great mother Prajanaparamita, Machig Labdron, to the great master Choeying Rangdol. It is mother Tantra practice and a path to becoming a Buddha in this life time or in the near future for the benefit for all sentient beings.


Details and Logistics:

Retreat costs for this 16 day retreat are as follows:

For the retreat there is a sliding scale of $1200-$1600 CDN (your choice).

For accommodation there is also a sliding scale of $400-$800 CDN (your choice). Please let us know if you wish accommodation at the retreat centre AND if you have any dietary needs.

To register for these retreats, please contact:
Sharon Gretzinger at tenzing1@telus.net