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Mahamudra Retreat
(with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche)
(June 16-30, 2017)

Gaden for the West and Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat are pleased to announce an upcoming Mahamudra Retreat.

The retreat will be led by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche at Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat located in the beautiful mountainous forests near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. This retreat will include the teachings and practice of Sutra & Tantra Mahamudra.

A Short Description of Sutra and Tantra Mahamudra:

There are two kinds of Sutra Mahamudra:

Samatha Mahamudra is the method of introducing the conventional nature of the mind and how to develop calm abiding mind (Samatha) through the cultivation of mindfulness of the mind and an understanding of the true nature of the mind. Vipashyana Mahamudra is a method of developing the ultimate realization of emptiness (Shunyata).

Tantra Mahamudra is a method of developing clear light and bliss (Mahasukha) through the yogic practice of entering, abiding, and dissolving the Prana into the central channel.


Sutra Mahamudra is open to everyone. Those who have received a highest yogic tantric initiation may also receive teachings on Tantra Mahamudra. (Regardless, every one will have the opportunity to do two weeks of retreat with Rinpoche.) We will also be doing an extra hour of karma yoga each day so that we may offer our services to the beautiful temple and grounds.

Retreat Details and Logistics:

Retreat costs for this 15 day retreat are as follows:
For the retreat sliding scale $1125-$1500 CDN your choice.
For accommodation sliding scale $375-$750 CDN your choice.
Please let us know if you wish accommodation at the retreat centre AND if you have any dietary needs.

To register for this retreat, please contact:
Sharon Gretzinger at tenzing1@telus.net